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Surfing in Peru

Get stoked

We offer from full day trips to personalized surf safari throughout the coast.  Our coasts gets hit by multiple swells from different directions. Therefore, everyday there is a spot that is ON. We strive to take you to the best spots each day.

Find the tour that best fits your trip, or send as an email to co-create one . 

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One Day Safari

Either south or north of Lima, there is always a good wave you can find. Peru is one of the most consistent countries to surf, no matter how small the swell is, there is always a rideable wave. Depending on your expertise, we will tailor your day to enjoy the fullest.

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Surf Safari

Enjoy what Peru has to offer. We will go to different locations with unique landscapes, searching for the best waves and unforgettable moments.


Surf Lessons

Either you are looking to improve or want to try out surfing, then let our surf coaches guide you. Surfing in MIraflores, in the heart of Lima´s urban areas, just makes it easier.  Bring your A-game. First class, first stand up.