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Laguna de los Condores


4 day experiential trek adventure

US$ 350 per traveler

In 1996, the mausoleums at the Laguna de los Condores were discovered by local agricultural workers. A year later, with the help of Austrian and Finish private organizations, with the need to avoid local looting, rescued the the majority of these archeological remains and send them to Leymebamba, the closest village, where they were then exposed at the newly built museum. 

At the Laguna, we can find 7 “rooms” used for funeral or mausoleums. They were built in the extension of a rock shelter in a scarp in front of the lagoon, 100 meters above its surface. A waterfall closes the front creating an ideal environment for the conservation of the funeral remains. The walls are made of stone plastered with mud and decorated with paint and zigzag friezes. In the interior they had two levels, the first floor were filled with low-ranking workers, and the higher the position, the higher its ranking. So at the top you would find the masters, the wise and priests. Throughout the cliff, you can find other tombs that are inaccessible and only seen from the lagoon. 

Day 1

We will depart Chachapoyas city in the morning via private transportation and drive 3 hours to Leymebamba. We will leave all our gear at Ms. Miriam´s house, and proceed to the Leymbebamba Museum. We believe it is imperative for a tourist to get a more complete and varied view of the cultural history of the Chachapoyas culture, a perfect preamble for our trek to the lagoon.  We will then spent the night at Ms. Miriam´s house, and enjoy a delicious local meal. 

Day 2

We will wake up at sunrise, eat a nutritious breakfast and set up all the gear with our horses. We will start the trek either by foot or on the horses (you decide - or take turns). We will go through different vegetation, until arriving to La Muralla (10 km hike), where we will have lunch. After, we will continue to the pass, “La Fila” (7 km hike), at 3,700 meters, and continue our descend into the forest, arriving to the shelter at 4pm (8 km). We will leave all the gear, set everyone in their rooms, and take a quick hike to the top of the hill to get a first impression of the lagoon. At 6.30 pm we will eat dinner and then everyone can relax and prepare for tomorrow. 

Day 3

We will wake up at sunrise, eat breakfast, and immediately go on a 25 minute hike to the lagoon. We will use the boat and paddle to reach the other shore, where we will continue hiking for 30 minutes uphill to reach the mausoleums. Afterwards, we will continue our trek by hiking 2 hours across the dense forest into Llaqtacocha, a residential site that had more than 130 circular stone houses and some rectangular ones. Thanks to the arqueological excavations, remains of Inca ceramics were found, which indicates the place was occupied after the submission of Chachapoyas culture to the inca Empire. Later, we will go back to the lagoon, where we will fish for trouts and enjoy them in a delicious dinner. 

Day 4

We will wake up early, eat breakfast, and begin our return journey to the village of Leymebamba. We will arrive at Leymebamba approximately at 4 pm, where a our private transportation will take us back to Chachapoyas.

Whats included?

  • A reputable guide

  • Porter

  • All meals and water

  • Camping Equipment / Lodge stay

  • Transportation: From day 1, pick up from your hotel, until the end of the trek and back to Chachapoyas  city.  

  • Entrance/overnight camping fees: All entrance/toles and other fees are covered. You are good if you bring no cash at all. However, tip is always appreciated. 

What to bring

  • Comfortable and moisture wicking clothing

  • Hiking boots

  • Sleeping bag

  • Trekking poles 

  • Lightweight sandals (to hang around campsite)

  • Bottle/container for water