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Surfing Peru for 5 days

US$ 450 per surfer

The idea with this safari is for you to journey youself into Peru, while surfing different waves, with different conditions and landscapes. Take note that Peru is more often called, land of the lefts, because most of our best waves break left. 

Once we pick you up from the airport, we will go towards Punta Hermosa, to chill at our apartment, and prepare for a welcome surf session.

This is a 5 day safari trip, where we try to surf the spots that are ON every day. Therefore, as surfers, you know how changing is the ocean, and how sensitive are waves to the wind, the ocean floor and the tides. However, our own expertise of surfing Peru for over 20 years, has enabled us to mapped what conditions each waves needs to break in its best form.

Surf Spots: Bermejo, Chicama, Pacasmayo and other secret spots in the way

What´s included?


The trip will begin and end in Lima. From the pick up in your hotel, to the 5 day safari, and the return to Lima/ hotel. You will not have to worry about transportation, we got it covered.


All meals

We as locals, know where to eat. Depending on your meal preferences, we will adjust and take you where you love to go.



All hostels will be covered.



All entrance/toles and other fees are covered. You are good if you bring no cash at all. However, tip is always appreciated. In between surf sessions, or during our way, we like to stop at different touristic areas for our travelers to get another perspective of this amazing country.


Photo throughout the surftrip


What to bring

Surfboard, wetsuit 3mm-2mm (although if you have a 4/3mm, bring it!)

Towel, sunscreen, bathing suit.